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2014 Nevada Limited Jurisdiction Judges Winter Seminar (J)

January 28 - 31, 2014

Welcome to the Nevada Limited Jurisdiction Judges 2014 Winter Seminar online seminar material resources. These select resources are made available as individual self-paced self-study and are listed in alphabetical order.

Facts are Stubborn-Statistics are Pliable: New USJR Phase II Civil Reporting Requirements

Training Description: This session will discuss the recently expanded reporting requirements for civil case types for district, justice, and municipal courts (NRS 5.050), which become mandatory on July 1, 2014. The focus of this session will be on changes to the civil statistical reports for justice and municipal courts, which were expanded from 7 case types to 19. Discussions will also include ways in which courts might prepare for capturing the information in preparation for the mandatory USJR reporting requirement.

Mr. Hans Jessup, Supreme Court of Nevada, Judicial Programs & Services, Research and Statistic Unit

Session Resources:

USJR Civil Phase II Reporting Requirements Presentation
Justice Civil Phase II Coversheet
USJR Worksheet Rev 3.3
USJR Dictionary V3.3_July 2013 Final Draft