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2013 Nevada District Judges Seminar (J)

April 18 - 20, 2013

Welcome to the Nevada District Judges 2013 Seminar online seminar material resources. These select resources are made available as individual self-paced self-study and are listed in alphabetical order.

Miscellaneous Trial Issues

Session Description: Judge Barker and colleagues will discuss pragmatic issues and methods of practice for trial judges. Jury selection through verdict as well as bench trial procedures will be discussed along with what different judges do and why they do it.  This course will be interactive.  Topics for discussion include, but are not limited to, instructions/introduction of parties, decorum, protocol and admonitions, jury selection, opening statements, evidence presentation, jury instructions, closing arguments, deliberation and verdict, along with pre-trial procedures for an efficient bench trial, including proposed findings.

Judge David Barker, Eighth Judicial District Court
Judge Valerie Adair, Eighth Judicial District Court
Judge Linda Marie Bell, Eighth Judicial District Court
Judge Michael Villani, Eighth Judicial District Court
Judge Jerry Wiese, Eighth Judicial District Court

Session Resources:
NDJA Conducting the Trial
Conducting the Trial
Improper Closing Argument Examples
Closing/Rebuttal Argument Reference
Trial Issues Presentation
Jury Questions

Civil Settlement Conferences

Session Description: Judge Adams will present the "art of the deal" based upon his 20+ years presiding over more than 1,800 civil settlement conferences. Judge Adams will discuss all phases of the settlement conference, from pre-conference briefs, parties and representatives in attendance, facilities, procedures, and closing the deal successfully.

Judge Brent Adams, Second Judicial District Court

Session Resources: Settlement Techniques


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