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2013 Nevada Limited Jurisdiction Winter Seminar (J)

January 29 - February 1, 2013

Welcome to the Limited Jurisdiction 2013 Winter Seminar online seminar material resources. These select resources are made available as individual self-paced self-study and are listed in alphabetical order.

From the Bench Book: Contempt, Blow Draw Orders, and Tax Roll Privacy

Session Description: The distinguished panel will discuss contempt (both civil and criminal), proper procedures for orders for blood draws, and ways for judges to protect their privacy on public records.

Faculty: Judge Kevin Higgins, Sparks Justice Court and Judge Cedric Kerns, Las Vegas Municipal Court

Session Resources: Contempt Presentation, Authority for Blood Draw, Confidentiality of Assessor Records

Off-the-Bench Conduct

Session Description: Judges are often hyper vigilant about their own conduct on the bench, but what about off the bench? Judge Glasson will give you examples of ways that off the bench conduct can put a judge in the sights of an investigation, and tips on how to keep it from happening to you.

Faculty: Judge Richard Glasson, Tahoe Justice Court

Session Resources: Off the Bench Conduct


Session Description: Judge Glasson will address complex and simple sentences. He will explain what a sentence is predicated on, who might be the subject of a sentence, and the kind of action that can be appropriate.

Faculty: Judge Richard Glasson, Tahoe Justice Court

Session Resources: Sentencing


These resources do not necessarily reflect the views of the Supreme Court of Nevada, the Administrative Office of the Courts, or Judicial Education nor provide any warranties as to the currency and accuracy of the information in these works. Users are re-minded to check the subsequent changes to rules of court and statutes cited in the works before relying on them. These resources are provided for the personal noncommercial use of court employees and may not be used for any other purpose without the written permission of Judicial Education.